Dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Justus ("Nano" to those who loved her.)

A Celebration of Life has been planned in loving memory of Mrs. Justus/Nano.

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In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Mrs. Justus' favourite charity. When required to mark her race on forms, Mrs. Justus would write "Human." She believed that we should not separate ourselves into categories; we are all humans, and we must be civil to each other. That is why she supported the Anti-Defamation League.

Anti-Defamation League

Memorial Service for Mrs. Justus

Saturday, July 2, 2016
- Celebration begins at 12:30 pm
- Concludes by 4:00 pm.
Wayside United Church of Christ 2000 SW Dash Point Rd Federal Way, WA 98023


Mrs. Justus was an inspiration to all of us in the Montessori community. Her untiring commitment to advocacy for Montessori education on the local and national level and her role modeling to new and seasoned educators has impacted so many! I feel privileged to have known and been greatly influenced by Madeleine Justus in my own career and send deep condolences to her family and school members. She has touched untold lives.
Sent by Pat on 07/06/2016
Mrs. Justus will be greatly missed by the Montessori community. She is a legend who will be long remembered for her contributions and commitment to education. Diana Holz Green River Montessori School
Sent by Diana on 05/06/2016
From Susan Hancock (Nano's Granddaughter-in-law, Wife of Chris Hancock) I feel blessed that my children spent all of their Preschool – 8th Grade years at Nano's school, so they have an amazing Montessori foundation that will help them all their life, but also their educational foundation was shepherded and fostered by Nano. And it’s a blessing that many of those years were spent (after school) at her dining room table, where the Nate and Julia did homework and ate cookies, chocolate, and milk that Nano gave them: she fussed over them. Their Grandma Marta was there for many, many of those days as well. I know that for Nano, having her Great Grandchildren IN her school and IN her dining room doing homework from HER school - that was the BEST! She understood that these things don’t always happen – timing-wise – because she lost nearly all of her cherished loved ones during WWII. She soaked up every moment of being a Great Grandmother. It’s a wonderful memory for my kids (and for me).
Nano's Great Grandkids (Nate & Julia) in her school